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Unofficial vs Official WhatsApp Business API: What’s the best for your business?

Feb 6, 2023 | blogs | 0 comments

With a massive user base, WhatsApp is the most popular communication software in India! It is a valuable tool for businesses to conveniently and effectively communicate with customers. In order to suit business objectives, it is necessary to enhance the WhatsApp Business API account’s extension features.

Fundamental Differences Between Official and Unofficial WhatsApp Business API 

In general, WhatsApp Business API suppliers have two categories. They are Meta’s officially recognized solution providers (Business Solution Providers) and unofficially recognized third-party API suppliers. While both provide comparable functionality, only a few recognize the unofficial API. WhatsApp may permanently block your account and you may lose all your customer information if your account exhibits unusual behavior. Before this, let’s first distinguish between unofficial and official WhatsApp APIs.

Unofficial WhatsApp API

Meta (formerly Facebook) has restricted access to the WhatsApp Business API until May 2021, and only well-known brands can use it. As a result, many small and medium-sized businesses obtain unofficial APIs in order to use the API’s extended functions. They accomplish this by obtaining data from third-party suppliers.

Merchants, however, frequently create accounts using the official API. Before they can officially open an account, they must provide various supporting documents and go through complicated procedures. Therefore, many small businesses may opt for a third-party provider that can directly obtain the WhatsApp API. The reason primarily is for convenience, so that they do not have to go through multiple steps.

Official WhatsApp API

This is a Facebook-based interface for connecting to WhatsApp and optimizing its functionality. Connecting to the WhatsApp Business API and performing business authentication are both difficult procedures. Furthermore, the official WhatsApp API charges mostly higher than the unofficial API. But its “officially recognized” status has undeniable advantages, allowing merchants to avoid the risk of account closures.

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